How to get to Antiparos and Paros – Travel by boat or plane

Antiparos does not have an airport or a big port but it is reachable by a 7-minute ferry boat ride from Paros island.

You can see the daily ferry boat schedule from Pounda (Paros) to Antiparos here. You can see the bus schedule in Antiparos and Paros here.

Paros is reachable by boat or by plane, from Piraeus (the port of Athens) or Rafina and from the other Cycladic islands like Mykonos or Santorini.

Ferry tickets from Piraeus (the port of Athens) or Rafina to Paros are available online. It is highly recommended to book your ferry tickets to Paros well in advance (especially if you plan to take a car to the island) if you are planning on visiting the island during the months of July and August. Visitor traffic is at it’s peak during this time. By booking a round trip ticket you can expect considerable discounts on your ticket prices as well. Loyalty cards will get you a discount on the car fee.

When you arrive at Paros or Antiparos some transportation options for consideration are renting a car, motorbike, bicycle or, you can look for the local bus itineraries.

Ferry from Piraeus (Athens) to Paros

Paros by Boat

  • Port of Piraeus
    Telephone: +30 2104226000
  • Port of Rafina
    Telephone: +30 2294022300 or +30 2294022487
  • Port Authority of Paros:
    Telephone: +30 2284021240
  • Port Authority of Antiparos
    Telephone: +30 2284061485
  • Hellenic Seaways (Highspeed)
    Telephone (Piraeus): +30 2104199000
    Telephone (Rafina): +30 2294026239
    Telephone (Paros): +30 22840 22092
  • Blue Star Ferries
    Telephone: +30 2108919800
  • Sea Jet
    Telephone (Rafina): +30 22940 26623
    Telephone (Paros): +30 22840 24616

Paros by Plane

  • Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”
    Telephone: +30 2103530000
  • Olympic Airways
    Telephone: +30 2109666666 or +30 8011144444
  • Aegean Airlines
    Telephone: +30 2106261000 or +30 8011120000

It’s possible to find direct international flights to Mykonos, from where you can reach Paros by high-speed boat. Contact Easyjet or Eurofly for more information. The island of Antiparos welcomes you!

Paros – Bluestar FERRIES Travel Agencies

Parikia , 84400 Paros
Τel.: +30-22840-23112, 53200
Fax: +30-22840-22656

Parikia, 84400 Paros
Τel.: +30-22840-21242, 22558
Fax: +30-22840-22401

Sea Jet Ferry Boat Schedule


25/05/2018 – 30/09/2018

Monday to Sunday

Departure from Rafina: 07:40
Arrival at Paros: 11:00

Departure from Paros: 13:25
Arrival at Rafina: 17:20


Monday only

Departure from Rafina: 07:00
Arrival at Paros: 09:50

Real time map of ship locations:

Call center 14541

Piraeus Port Authority S.A, provides telephone information services for all the itineraries from the Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion ports.

The number 14541 has an average waiting time of no more than 20 seconds and one-off charge (no time charges).

* From fixed tel.: €0,92  per call (incl. VAT) / from cellular tel.: €1,55 per call (incl.VAT) for all mobile networks
(Call duration 2.5 minutes)

More specifically, the service 14541 * provides the following information:

  • Scheduled and extraordinary departures and arrivals.
  • Itineraries delays or cancellations.
  • Gates of departures and arrivals
  • Exceptional conditions (e.g. departure prohibition, emergency, etc.)

The service is available exclusively via live chat throughout the 24 hours a day, all year round.

The annual passenger traffic through Piraeus Port is approximately 20,000,000 passengers.

Complain Call Number:+30 210 6241881

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