Antiparos – Paros Ferries (2024)

Antiparos ferries

Ferry Boat Schedule between Antiparos and Paros (Pounda)

  • Antiparos island is located one nautical mile southwest of Paros island and access to it is via Paros only.
  • Buses depart frequently from the main Paros port, Paroikia, as well as from other areas of Paros, transporting passengers to the little port of Pounta in Paros. From there, travelers can take the ferry boat to Antiparos.
  • The Antiparos – Paros ferry boat tickets cost €1,50 per passenger (€0,75 for children), €2,00 per scooter and €7,30 per car for each ride.
  • Small children ride the ferry for free.
  • Ticket price for transfer of other types of vehicles/motorbikes/boats depends on the type and size of the vehicle.
  • All tickets are one-way.
  • Tickets are only sold inside the boat. You can not pre-book your tickets. (Since 2020 you can also buy tickets at the port.)
  • You can only pay for ferry tickets by cash and only in Euro. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Ferries are running daily Monday to Sunday all year around. (If the wind allows it.)
  • The Antiparos – Paros ferry boat trip duration is about 7 minutes.
  • When you see a ferry waiting at Antiparos port or at the Pounda Paros port just ask if you can get on. If you have a car, you need to park inside the ferry first and then pay.
  • During peak season there may be a line of cars waiting to get on the ferry so you might not get on the first ferry leaving.
  • If you are just going for an afternoon or evening walk at Antiparos town or to get a late drink at the bars then you don’t need to get your car to Antiparos. You can just leave it at Paros. Antiparos port is right next to the Antiparos town.
  • While traveling from Paros to Antiparos with the ferry you can see a small island on your right called Revmatonisi. Just as you arrive at the port of Antiparos you can see the church of Agia Marina right in front of you. The town of Antiparos is on your right.
  • Face masks are required at all times on the ferry.
  • Port Authority of Antiparos Telephone: +30 2284061485
  • Ferry-boat timetable follows.

Paros – Antiparos by ferry. This is the complete ferryboat schedule between Paros (Pounda) – Antiparos (Updated: JULY, 2024):

*Pounta is also written as Pounda or Punda. Pounta Paros port is different from Punda beach that is also located in Paros island. The Pounta Paros port going to Antiparos is in the west part of Paros.

06:45 07:00
07:15 07:45
08:00 08:15
08:30 08:45
09:00 09:15
09:30 09:45
10:00 10:00
10:20 10:20
10:40 10:40
11:00 11:00
11:20 11:20
11:40 11:40
12:00 12:00
12:20 12:20
12:40 12:40
13:00 13:00
13:20 13:20
13:40 13:40
14:20 14:20
14:40 14:40
15:20 15:20
15:40 15:40
16:20 16:20
16:40 16:40
17:20 17:20
17:40 17:40
18:20 18:20
18:40 18:40
19:00 19:00
20:00 19:45
20:30 20:15
21:00 20:45
21:30 21:15
22:30 22:15
23:30 23:15
00:30 00:15
01:30 01:15
02:30 02:15
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Antiparos Paros Ferry Boat - Ferries Map
Antiparos Paros Ferry Boat - Ferries Map


Ferry boat schedule from Paros main port (Paroikia) to Antiparos (DIRECT BOAT) 2024

There is also a small boat, Express Panormitis Antiparos, operating daily between Paros main port (Paroikia) and Antiparos that only takes passengers and no vehicles. The trip duration is 30 minutes and the one-way ticket costs 7 Euro.

This ferry started running again on May 21th 2024.

The boat usually operates from around June 1st until October every year.

Port Authority of Paros Telephone: +30 2284021240

Face masks are required at all times on the ferry.

See here the Parikia (main Paros port) – Antiparos ferry schedule:

10:05 09:15
11:00 09:45
12:00 10:45
14:00 13:00
15:30 15:00
18:30 18:00

Antiparos – Paros ferries times during the year

These are sample times for the first ferry and the last ferry from Antiparos to Paros and from Paros to Antiparos that are based on previous years. These are provided so you can schedule your trip in advance depending on what month you are visiting Antiparos but times are in no way guaranteed. Every year the ferry schedule is a bit different depending on local holidays such as Easter, bank holidays and demand. The first Paros to Antiparos ferry runs about 15 minutes after the first Antiparos to Paros ferry. The last Antiparos to Paros ferry usually runs about 15 minutes earlier than the last Paros to Antiparos ferry.

Don’t expect to wait more than 2 hours between ferries even at off-peak months during the winter. The usual frequency is 30 minutes or 1 hour either way (Antiparos or Paros). Times change frequently (even weekly) during peak season in the summer. Always check back for current schedule.

During the months of summer the ferry boat starts at about 6.00/6.15am and ends at about 1.15/1.30am on the next day and usual frequency is 20 minutes. In August sometimes the ferry boat runs until 3.15/3.30am.

  • What time is the first ferry to Antiparos?
  • What time is the first ferry to Paros?
  • What time is the last ferry from Antiparos?
  • What time is the last ferry from Paros to Antiparos?
  • What time is the last ferry to Antiparos?
  • What time is the last ferry to Paros?
  • What time is the first ferry from Antiparos?
  • What time is the first ferry from Paros to Antiparos?
First ferry time from Antiparos to Paros
Last ferry time from Paros to Antiparos
January  07:00 23:30
February 07:00 23:30
March 07:00 23:30
April 07:00 23:30 – 00:30
May 06:00 – 07:00 00:30
June 06:00 00:30 – 01:30
July 06:00 01:30 – 02:30
August 06:00 03:30
September 06:00 – 07:00 00:30 – 01:00
October 07:00 00:30
November  07:00 23:30
December 07:00 23:30

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