Antiparos Weather

Antiparos has a Mediterranean climate plentiful with sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall. All the right ingredients for a perfect vacation destination.

The summers are long, hot and dry and cooled by seasonal winds called the meltemi. These sea breezes blow from north and north-west. Luckly the winds are at their peek in July and August when they are needed most. The temperatures during the summer months will rarely fall below 20°C even at night and rainfall is uncommon.

Mid-May to Mid-September the climate is warm and very dry.

Winters are mild and wet with temperatures generally in the low to mid-teens. A sunny day can sometimes creep up towards 20°C.

December is the wettest month of the year and strong storms in the Mediterranean are most common during this time. These storms bring some unpleasant weather with strong winds and a lot of rain. The Island is typically quieter this time of year.

Monthly Temperature Averages

Month Temperature
January Low 08°C – High 10°C
February Low 08°C – High 10°C
March Low 10°C – High 13°C
April Low 14°C – High 17°C
May Low 17°C – High 20°C
June Low 21°C – High 24°C
July Low 24°C – High 26°C
August Low 24°C – High 26°C
September Low 21°C – High 23°C
October Low 20°C – High 22°C
November Low 16°C – High 18°C
December Low 11°C – High 13°C