The Municipality of Antiparos installs SARS-CoV-2 detection device (COVID-19)

The Municipality of Antiparos issued the following announcement for the installation in the Antiparos regional medical office of a SARS-CoV-2 detection device (COVID-19):

It is our great pleasure to announce that on Friday, the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) detection device with automated molecular technique (PCR) was installed at the Antiparos doctor’s office and demonstrated by technicians to the clinic’s staff. The device (Cepheid Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2) has 99% specificity and sensitivity and results in 45 minutes, making it the most modern in the field of SARS-CoV-2 molecular detection (COVID-19). Large hospitals in Athens, the Pasteur Institute, and private diagnostic centers have a similar device.

This device together with the corresponding one donated to the Paros PC, are accompanied by 150 and 250 tests respectively and constitute an important intervention in the early diagnosis and isolation of patients from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and is part of the large donation. which was coordinated on the initiative of OLIAROS SA, which, through Mr. Tsakonas, came in contact with the municipality of Antiparos at the beginning of March. After a few days, and with the recommendation of the mayor Mr. Faroupos and the doctor Mr. Skourtis, the donation was extended, so that Paros could be included, as a single health organization, when the contacts with the Paros Central Hospital and with Municipality of Paros at the end of March.

Guarantors for the timely ordering of the equipment were Messrs. Mathias Kamprad & Daphne Fourli and Andreas & Aspa Andreadi, while donations were collected from the following:

Mathias Kamprad & Daphne Fourli, Andreas & Aspa Andreadi, Anastasios & Eleanna Leventi, Iasonas Tsakonas & Argyro Pouliovalis, Dominique Levy, Jost & Fiona Stollmann, Nick & Aristonis Dorikis Croline Papouli and Calakatos, Andreas Stas & Ioanna Manou, Maxime Lombardini & Sophie Levy, Gaurav & Karima Burman, Nikolaos and Mary Paraschi, Jim & Ann Gianopulos, Pedro & Victoria Magalhaes, Eva Presenhuber, Michel Verbeelen as well as other anonymous donors, all residents of the island.

The donation also includes (DELTA MEDICAL supplier) a high-flow air / oxygen mixer with built-in humidifier (Airvo 2 nasal high flow), a 5-meter white blood cell measuring device (HemoCue® WBC DIFFVS System) and 50 tests influenza.

We thank once again all the donor residents of Antiparos, who contributed to this rapid success of this valuable donation, creating a greater sense of security for all residents of both islands.

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Is the covid 19 testing still available in anti Paros or Paros? as me and my family need negative tests results to board our return flight back home to the uae. Any information on pcr testing would be grateful

Hi I am looking for a place in Paros to get a Covid test. Where can we go for this as I need it to be within 72 hours of us traveling back home. How long will it take to receive the results? Let me know. Thanx.

You can go here:
“Medi-Paros Medical Center”

Many thanks for the Info – unfortunately the COVID Info is only available in Greek 🙂
But I will try to contact the center in order to pre-book a PCR Test.

Maybe you can try Google translate but calling is probably better.

why test must be so expensive, 80 euros per person is far from what it cost. Do you need to make such a profit from a test that in many other countries, including the one I came from [Israel] is given for free

Hi, me and my family will reach antiparos in june for a week. Where can we make the PCR test valid for the return flight? Thank you

My partner and I are arriving in Antiparos on 15 September 2021 until 22 September 2021. We will need PCR test within 72 hours of flying home to UK. Are we able to book an appointment for this at the Medical Centre on Antiparos or do we have to go to Paros. If so can you please give me details of the centre where we have to book our appointment. Thank you.

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