Vassilenas Blue – Antiparos


Vassilenas Blue in Antiparos is the new project of the Vassilenas Restaurant team.  (Voted best restaurant in Greece for 2022 by the public)

The historic and multiple-prize-winning Greek restaurant (established in Athens in 1920) has just opened this beautiful venue in Chora of Antiparos.

“We will be sharing with our guests our modern Greek cuisine and our love for Greek wines in the shade of a big olive tree that we have planted in the middle of this beautiful courtyard.”

Vassilenas Blue restaurant opened on the 12th of June 2022 and is open daily from 7 until 12 in the evening.

Reservations: (+30) 6980 175553

Telephone: (+30) 231 333 0010


The classic Vassilenas taramosalata has landed in Antiparos. The recipe, a favorite of its clients in Athens, has remained unchanged for 100 years, and it has been lauded as the best you can find!

The “Vassilenas Blue” team awaits you!

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On the Island of Antiparos I came across your restaurant
A quite spot in the tourist crowded center,
The food was excellent and the weathers well trained,
But what made a very big difference was the hostesses who could lift a simple terrazzo
In to a high gastronomic place just with her smile.
Don’t remember the name I think was something like twilight.
Will deftly recommend the place to all my friends

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